Track by track of Mk.gee’s debut EP – ‘Pronounced McGee’

I'm just going to put this out there; since the world has been introduced to Mac DeMarco there has been a smorgasbord of jangly, chorus/reverb-soaked, sweet indie pop songs. Like most, I dived into the smorgasbord head first, had my fill, and now I have a food baby. I thought I never wanted to look … Continue reading Track by track of Mk.gee’s debut EP – ‘Pronounced McGee’


If you're picturing a magic, yet slightly lethargic Genie emerging from the brown water depths of your favourite modified Gatorade bottle, then you should update your brain and get your ears around the first offering from Boston's favourite pastoral folk-rock-psych band BONG WISH. BONG WISH is a semi-revolving cast of characters held down by a core … Continue reading BONG WISH – EP