If you’re picturing a magic, yet slightly lethargic Genie emerging from the brown water depths of your favourite modified Gatorade bottle, then you should update your brain and get your ears around the first offering from Boston’s favourite pastoral folk-rock-psych band BONG WISH.

BONG WISH is a semi-revolving cast of characters held down by a core group fronted by vocalist and guitarist Mariam Saleh. Performing under the name BONG WISH for a while now, a fantastic new EP was released last week through Brooklyn label, Beyond Beyond Is Beyond.

Sixties British folk revival saw bands like Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span cross borders of traditional folk and popular rock with a melodic vocal style that can change between sweet and sinister purely based on context. BONG WISH takes that sound as a base and dumps a marvellous amount of psychedelia, modern scepticism but an overall message of peace and love.

The diversity BONG WISH develops with just these four songs is incredibly exciting and promising. It flows from dreamy, Nico-esque stoner sounds through more traditional 60s rock, even incorporating more modern electro-pop sensibilities.

The standout character of BONG WISH is the subtle and intricate instrumentation and vocal harmonies that separate it from the familiar influences. The string and flute parts can be schmaltzy and play a background part in much of it like on In the Sun but can also create driving rhythmic energy like the flute part on Conversations with Business People and also the lilting violin riff on My Luv.

2018 is going surely to be a big year for BONG WISH!

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