Looking forward to the new Kirin J Callinan album, Bravado

For the uninitiated, Kirin J Callinan is the kind of enigma that writes a completely legible message on your bed sheets in pigs blood but you still aren’t quite sure what it means. On stage he is a charismatic schmoozer, lean and taut, he’s a true performer feeding off your approval but he’ll never once let you know how much he wants it. His shows always seem to be on the brink of complete collapse but that’s all part of his plan, alluring you with the element of danger. Kirin’s persona drips with raw talent, yet it’s clear that he hasn’t revealed the depths of his creative ability and the enigma is still yet to be fully unwrapped.

We’re on the cusp of another great release due to arrive June 9th from Sydney’s prince of not giving a fuck about Instagram’s community guidelines (NSFW). He’s already released two songs from his forthcoming album and there’s a lot to look forward to. Previously on his 2013 release, Embracism Kirin gave us a glimpse into his soul and mind with a chaotic mix of post-punk, euro trance and industrial sounds with a disembodied vocal that seemed to be floating above the mix of the record. It was an amazing record but there was also a sense that he’s an artist with a huge bag of ideas that he was trying to fit into one cohesive album with varying degrees of success.

From the two songs he’s released this year, ‘Brovado’ and ‘S.A.D.’ it’s clear that he’s found a way to harness his powerful voice so it can exist against his manic musical style, while still holding on to the tongue in cheek societal criticisms heard on Embracsim.

Since we last left our fearless hero, he’s partnered up with EMI to give birth to this next offering. When I first heard the news, I was worried for Kirin. He’s a loose cannon of creativity and I didn’t want it to be reigned in, but it seems they’ve done the right thing, and that is to give him the money to be as weird and wonderful as his heart desires and let him lose on the world. Literally. his latest video for ‘S.A.D.’ sees him exemplify his on-stage persona in a bunch of increasingly more ridiculous situations around Cuba.

The new album, Bravado, a moniker that exemplifies the man, offers up a guest list of featured artists that would make a Beyoncé album tremble. Aside from the inclusions of obvious “Scat Pack” artists like Mac DeMarco, Connan Mockasin and to a further extent Sean Nicholas Savage, we can also expect appearances from James Chance, Alex Cameron, Molly Lewis, Jorge Elbrecht, Weyes Blood, Owen Pallett, and for the Australian and New Zealanders who will simply well up at these inclusions, we have Jimmy Barnes and a credit from the Finn family, who I can only assume is Neil, Tim and little Liam. Doesn’t that just warm your cockles my southern soulmates?

We still have over a month until we can cram this into our ear holes so I’ve put together a Spotify playlist of odds and ends that might get you in the mood.

Spotify is an excellent resource to find new artists but it doesn’t exactly pay their electricity bills, so if you find something you like, do your best to flick them some of your dollars for their creative output.

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